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[Flower Flower] Mi

Artist : Flower Flower
Released Date : November 26, 2014

After releasing 5 studio albums, Japanese singer-songwritter YUI decided to retire from music as soloist. Then, YUI formed a rock band called Flower Flower and give several secret live in 2013. After releasing 3 single, Flower Flower released their first studio album Mi (実, meaning Fruit) on November 26, 2014. All songs are written by YUI, and most of them are composed by Flower Flower. Three of them are composed solely by YUI : Toumei na Uta, Ohayou no Kiss o, and Kimi no Koto.

Mi (実) Regular Edition

This album released in two version regular edition with 13 songs in CD and limited edition with bonus DVD containing their live at SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO. This album debuted at number 5 on the weekly Oricon, and charting for 11 weeks.

Mi (実) Limited Edition

CD Tracklist (Click to see lyrics and translation)

  1. Negai (願い; Wish)
  2. Kamisama (神様; God)
  3. Kuuki (空気; Air)
  4. Toumei na Uta (とうめいなうた; Transparent Song)
  5. Ohayou no Kiss wo (おはようのキスを; A Good Morning Kiss)
  6. Suiteki (水滴; Drop of Water)
  7. Subarashii Sekai (素晴らしい世界; Wonderful World)
  8. Sekiwotatsu (席を立つ; Leave the Seat)
  9. Hikari (ひかり; Light)
  10. Kimi no Koto (きみのこと; Of You)
  11. Start Line (スタートライン)
  12. Tsuki (月; Moon)
  13. bye bye (バイバイ)

DVD Tracklist [Limited Edition]

Live at SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO 2013.10.07
  1. Sekiwotatsu
  2. Kamisama
  3. Start Line
  4. Tsuki
  5. Subarashii Sekai
  6. bye bye
  7. Negai
  8. Behind the scenes

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