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Artist : BAND-MAID
Released Date : February 14, 2018


2nd full-length studio album from all-female Japanese rock band BAND-MAID. BAND-MAID's new artistic logo is inspired by Russian Constructivism. Two songs from previous single included in this album : Daydreaming and Play. Rest of the songs are new, and never released in any of their single, EP (mini-album), or album. For promoting this album, BAND-MAID released Domination Music Video in their official Youtube Channel on February 7, 2018. With this new album, BAND-MAID also give their tour BAND-MAID WORLD DOMINATION TOUR 2018 starting on April, 2018.

Song One and Only used as main theme song for Japanese horror-suspense movie Kuruibana, directed by Noriko Yuasa who has been praised by people both in Japan and overseas. Another song, Carry on living, become ending theme of on going anime Kuizu Tokiko-san from January 12th.

Kuruiba Movie Trailer, BAND-MAID's song One and Only featured on 01:40

This album released in three version regular edition and two limited edition. Limited Edition Type A has bonus Blu-Ray and Type B has bonus DVD. Both Blu-ray and DVD version contains footage from their tour finale at Shikiba STUDIO COAST, performing 15 songs. And Regular Edition has special bonus track Honey, a cover from Japanese visual kei rock band MUCC. With this album release, they also re-released their first mini-album, Maid in Japan, with two bonus tracks taken from their very first single : Ai to Jonetsu Matador and Summer Drive.

BAND MAID second album
BAND-MAID 2nd album artistic logo

CD Tracklist (click to see lyrics and translation)
  1. I can't live without you
  2. Play
  3. One and only
  5. FATE
  6. Spirit!!
  7. Rock in me
  8. CLANG
  9. Turn me on
  10. Carry on living
  11. Daydreaming
  12. anemone
  13. Alive-or-Dead
  14. DICE
  15. (Regular edition only) Honey (ハニー)

Blu-ray/DVD Tracklist
2017/11/23 『BAND-MAID お給仕TOUR Autum-Winter 2017「燃えるの?萌えないの?どっちなの!?」』Tour Final@東京・新木場STUDIO COASTお給仕(ライブ)映像※15曲収録予定

Japanese One Stop Lyrics - BAND-MAID second album WORLD DOMINATION Preview