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[Silent Siren] サイレントサイレン

Artist : Silent Siren
Released Date : February 25, 2015

Silent Siren 3rd album preview

Just a year after their 2nd album, Silent Siren released their third album. In this album they use their own name for the album : Silent Siren "サイレントサイレン".  This album contain 12 tracks, including many previous hits songs like KAKUMEI, BANG!BANG!BANG!, and Lucky Girl.

This album was released in two versions: a limited CD+DVD edition and a regular CD Only edition. The Limited Edition has DVD contain five music videos and documentary of Silent Siren first performance in Budokan. They are the fastest all-female band that give life performance since first major debute.

Silent Siren 3rd album
Silent Siren "サイレントサイレン" Regular Editon (CD Only)

CD Tracklist (Click to see lyrics and Translation)

1. Muon no Keikoku (通常盤共通; Warning of Silence)
5. Soukai Rock (爽快ロック; Exhilarating Rock)
6. Te wo Tsunaide (手をつないで; Hand in Hand)
7. Lucky Girl (ラッキーガール)
9. Koi Yuki (恋い雪; Romance Snow)
10. Joshikou Sensou (女子校戦争; Girls' School War)
11. Aimai me mine (曖昧 me mine; Ambiguous Me Mine)
12. Strawberry Moon (ストロベリームーン)

silent siren 3rd album limited
Silent Siren "サイレントサイレン" Limited Editon (CD+DVD)

DVD Trackist (Limited Edition Only)

1. Lucky Girl Music Video
2. BANG!BANG!BANG! Music Video
3. Koi Yuki Music Video
4. KAKUMEI Music Video
5. Te wo Tsunaide Music Video
6. Silent Siren Document ~Budokan e GO! Siren GO!~

Japanese One Stop Lyrics - Silent Siren third album Silent Siren "サイレントサイレン" Preview