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Flower Flower and YUI as Lead Singer

A famous female Japanese singer-songwriter Yoshioka Yui (stylized as YUI) started a band at 2013 after her hiatus since 2012. This band called Flower Flower (フラワー フラワー Furawā Furawā), and Yui became vocalist and guitarist for this band. Flower Flower composed of musicians Yui respected. They are keyboardist Mura☆Jun (otherwise known as Jun Murayama) a member of the band Venomstrip and a session musician, as well as Mafumafu (Katsuhiro Mafune), and drummer Norihide Saji, known in the band as Sacchan. The name Flower Flower was picked as Yui wanted something natural in their band name.

The Beginning of the Band

Shortly comeback after Yui hiatus, she started a band called Flower Flower. The band started with recording sessions, followed by a series of secret lives across Japan in March 2013. Yui has short hair and didn't sing any of her songs, so not many people realize that she is YUI. The band was officially announced in April 2013, followed by a series of festival performances. The group released their first single Tsuki digitally in June, used in a commercial campaign for cellphone provider au. The group attended festivals such as Join Alive, Rock in Japan Festival, and Countdown Japan.

Flower Flower in 2013

Releasing Single and Album

In May 2014, the band released their second song, Kamisama. In June, it was announced that Flower Flower would perform the four theme songs for the live-action adaptation of Daisuke Igarashi's manga Little Forest, released in two parts in August 2014 and February 2015. Flower Flower performs the theme songs for each season, with summer and autumn released in 2014 and winter and spring in 2015. On March 27, 2014, Yui revealed in her band blog that she had been diagnosed with a panic disorder, which resulted in the cancellation of some performance. however, they release their first album Mi (実, Fruit) on November 26, 2014 debut at number 5 on the weekly Oricon, charting for 11 weeks. And also a mini-album Shiki (色, "Colors") on February 18, 2015.

After Yui's Wedding

On April 17, 2015, the singer announced via the official blog of her band Flower Flower that she has married a man outside of the industry and is currently pregnant. In August 2015, it was announced that Yui gave birth to healthy twin boys. Just a year after that they release their first physical single, Takaramono (宝物, Treasure), on September 9, 2016, debuting at number ten and charting for five weeks. While talking about the release of the single, almost a year and a half after her previous release, Yui would state: "I did not think I could release songs again, and to be honest I am quite happy that I can."

Flower Flower Promotion of Takaramono

After that they don't really perform any music. And their Line Blog stop update at October, 2016. But then, they surprisingly listed in Japanese Rock Festival 2017 performed on August 11, 2017. With this comeback, they released their 2nd physical single, Mannequin (マネキン). In the same month their release a music video for Mannequin, and this is first music video that they show themself. The also performed in Ohara Breaks and Summer Sonic 2017.

Flower Flower in Ohara Breaks

Flower Flower Profile

YUI Profile
Yoshioka Yui (吉岡唯)

Vocal & Guitar
Stage Name: yui
Birthday: March 26, 1987
Birthplace: Koga, Fukuoka
Blood type: AB
Height: 155 cm

Began her career in music since 2004 as soloist under stage name YUI. She were only met moderate success until the breakout "Good-bye Days", which charted for 44 weeks on Oricon and marked her as one of the Japanese music industry's rising stars. Until 2012, she released 5 studio album and 3 compilation album. After her hiatus in December 2012, she comeback with band Flower Flower in May 2013.

flower flower profile
Mafune Katsuhiro (真船 勝博)

Stage Name: Mafumafu (まふまふ)
Birthday: February 1, 1977
Birthplace: Osaka Prefecture
Blood type: O

Murayama Jun (村山潤)

Stage Name: Mura☆Jun
Birthday: April 18, 1983
Birthplace: Kagoshima Prefecture
Blood type: A

Norihide Saji (佐治宣英)

Stage Name: Sacchan

Flower Flower Album

[2014.11.26] Mi (実)

Flower Flower Mini Album

[Shiki (色 Color)]

Released Date : February 18, 2015

Shiki (色) Regular Edition
Tracklist (Click to see Lyrics and Translation)
1. Haru (春)
2. Natsu (夏)
3. Aki (秋)
4. Fuyu (冬)
5. postlude

Shiki (色) Limited Edition
Tracklist (Click to see lyrics and translation)
1. Haru (春; Spring)
2. entr'acte 1
3. Natsu (夏; Summer)
4. entr'acte 2
5. Aki (秋; Autumn)
6. entr'acte 3
7. Fuyu (冬; Winter)
8. postlude

DVD Limited Edition
1. "Haru" Music Video (春)
2. "Natsu" Music Video (夏)
3. "Aki" Music Video (秋)
4. "Fuyu" Music Video (冬)

Flower Flower Single

[Tsuki (月, Moon)]

Released Date : July 03, 2013

Tsuki [Digital Only]
1. Tsuki (月, Moon)

[Kamisama (神様, God)]

Released Date : May 21, 2014

Kamisama [Digital Only]
1. Kamisama (神様, God)

[Aki (秋, Autumn)]

Released Date : August 30, 2014
Aki [Digital Only]
1. Aki (秋, Autumn)

[Natsu (夏, Summer)]

Released Date : August 30, 2014

Natsu [Digital Only]
Tracklist (click to see lyrics and translation)
1. Natsu (夏, Summer)

[Subarashii Sekai (素晴らしい世界, Wonderful World)]

Released Date : October 01, 2014

Subarashii Sekai [Digital Only]
Tracklist (click to see lyrics and translation)
1. Subarashii Sekai (素晴らしい世界, Wonderful World)

[Takaramono (宝物, Treasure)]

Released Date : September 07, 2016

Takaramono Regular Edition [1 CD]
1. Takaramono (宝物)
2. Honou (炎; Flame)

Takaramono Limited Edition [2CD]
2nd CD Limited Edition Tracklist
1. Toumei na Uta, とうめいなうた (Live at Shibuya WWW)
2. Takaramono, 宝物 (Live at Shibuya WWW)
3. Start Line, スタートライン (Live at Shibuya WWW)

[Mannequin (マネキン)]

Released Date : August 02, 2017

Mannequin Regular Edition [1 CD]
1. Mannequin (マネキン)
2. Drama (ドラマ)

Mannequin Limited Edition [2 CD]
2nd CD Limited Edition Tracklist
1. Kamisama (神様) Live at SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO 2013.10.07
2. Subarashii Sekai (素晴らしい世界) Live at SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO 2013.10.07
3. bye bye (バイバイ) Live at SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO 2013.10.07

Flower Flower Networks

Official Line Blog : flower_flower
Flower Flower Staff Twitter : @fflower_staf