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[BAND-MAID] Maid In Japan

Artist : BAND-MAID
Released Date : January 8, 2014

Band Maid Album

MAID IN JAPAN is their 1st mini-album released after 5 months their debut single "Ai to Jounetsu no Matador" (愛と情熱のマタドール). Don't let them fool you by maid appreal, because they are more akin to groups like SCANDAL or Stereopony than some sort of idol. They're really play their instrument.

The entire of album is worth to listen, especially Be OK, Bye My Tears, and KEY. Unfortunately, there is no promo videos from this album. But really, just listen to the entire album. When BAND-MAID released their second album WORLD DOMINATION, this mini album get re-released with two bonus track from their very first single : Ai to Jonetsu Matador and Summer Drive.

Tracks Preview

Tracklist (Click to see lyrics and translation)

1. Be OK
2. EverGreen
3. KEY
4. Bye My Tears
5. Knockin' on Your Heart
6. Big Dad
7. Yoake Mae (夜明け前)
8. Forward
9. Ai to Jonetsu Matador (bonus re-released version)
10. Summer Drive (bonus re-released version)

BAND-MAID first mini-album "Maid In Japan" preview