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[SCANDAL] Yellow

Artist : SCANDAL
Released Date : March 2, 2016

Cover Yellow Limitied Edition [CD + DVD]
7th album from all-female Japanese pop-rock band SCANDAL. This album is full of energetic and upbeat song, so all songs become more familiar for their western audience. 13 songs from this album are written entirely by the band members, mostly by Sasazaki Mami. This album includes Sisters which was released as a single in September 2015, the power ballad Chisana Honoo (theme from the Hello World documentary film), and the English version of Your Song (originally from Hello World).

For the start, try to listen Stamp! and Love Me Do. The music is fun and easy to groove along to. The song Stamp! is avaliable on SCANDAL4VEVO Youtube channel :

This album avaliable in 3 format : Regular Edition, Limited Edition, and Complete Production. Limited edition has DVD with YELLOW OPENING MOVIE “Room No.7” and YELLOW OPENING MOVIE “Room No.7” ~Making Clip~. And Complete Production has limited original "Yellow" T-shirt.

Tracklist (click to see lyrics and translation)

1. Room No.7
2. Stamp!
5. Sunday Drive
6. Konya wa Pizza Party (今夜はピザパーティー; Pizza Party Tonight)
7. Heaven na Kibun (ヘブンな気分; Heavenly Mood)
10. Sisters
11. Happy Birthday
12. Chiisana Honoo (ちいさなほのお; A Small Flame)
13. Your song –English ver.- (Bonus Track)

DVD Limited Edition

2. YELLOW OPENING MOVIE “Room No.7” ~Making Clip~