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[SCANDAL] Baby in Action

Artist : SCANDAL
Released Date : August 10, 2011

SCANDAL 3rd album
Cover of Baby Action Regular Edition
This is the 3rd album of SCANDAL, and their first album that they didn't wear their school uniform costume for their album cover. With this new image, SCANDAL rock the world with 12 tracks. For they who buy this album, Burn is a good start to listen (this song used in the Japanese Horror Movie Rabbit Horror 3D).One of the song, Pride, can be previewed from their YouTube channel, although they still use their school uniform in this music video.

For people that follow SCANDAL from indie maybe will notice that there are some changes and evolution in SCANDAL's songs. Most songs for this album are slightly heavier to pop. There are a larger range of music in this album. From the upbeat and fun songs like Glamorous You, Sono Toki Sekai Wa Kimi Darake No Rain and Sparkling to the harder rocking songs Love Survive, Pride, SCANDAL Nanka Buttobase to the slow ballad-like pieces Burn, Haruka and One Piece, and even a number reminiscent of the Japanese music scene during the 60s and 70s, Tokyo Skyscraper.

Tracklist (click to see lyrics and translation)

2. Sono Toki, Sekai wa Kimi Darake no Rain (その時、世界はキミだらけのレイン; At That Moment, The World Is Filled With a Rain Full of You)
4. Sparkling
6. Appletachi no Dengon (アップルたちの伝言; Message of the Apples)
7. Tokyo Skyscraper (東京スカイスクレイパー)
8. Pride
9. Haruka (ハルカ; Distant)
10. SCANDAL Nanka Buttobase (スキャンダルなんかブッ飛ばせ; Sending Scandals Flying)
11. Very Special
12. one piece

DVD Limited Edition

1. SCANDAL no Theme (PV) (SCANDALのテーマ; Theme of SCANDAL)
2. 2011 Zepp Tour Digest Movie