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Silent Siren, From Model to Pop Star

Silent Siren (サイレントサイレン), also known as Saisai (サイサイ), is all female Japanese Pop Band. This band formed from 4 dokumo (like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu), amateur magazine fashion model for teen and girls. That's why there are so beautiful and stylish. With Michi as additional guitar (until 2015) and Naoki Kubo as sound producer they get so many fans from around the world, not just Japan.

Silent Siren Member
Silent Siren and their sound produser Kubo Naoki in 2015

The Beginning of Silent Siren

When Suu and Hinanchu met in photoshot for CUTiE magazine, they began to share their love about music. Then the band formed when Hinanchu invited her friends, Sogawa Ayana (Yana) and Ainyan, to meet with Suu. And with help of Naoki Kubo as additional guitar (also sound designer) at that time, Silent Siren formed. With this 5-person formation, they performed their first live in AGESTOCK 2011 in TOKYO DOME CITY HALL event. In that event, they perform in narrow stage and few audience. But they keep fight for the band.

1st Live Performance of Silent Siren

Four month later, Silen Siren debuted under the indies label Brand-New Music with the mini-album Saisai, an acronym for Silent Siren. After the release of a second mini-album Love Shiru in July 2012, and after their first tour ended that same month, Yana left the band; she was later replaced by Yukarun.

Silent Siren promoting 1st indie album : Saisai. With Yana still in the group

Major Debut

Only a few months after Yukarun join Silent Siren, in November 2012, the new line-up debuted under the major label Dreamusic with the single Sweet Pop!. Silent Siren is one of band that release many song in just one year. Not long from first single they release 2nd single stella☆ in February 2013. And just two months later they release their debut album Start→.

Silent Siren promoting their debut album. With Yukarun in keyboard

Not Only in Japan

Silent Siren fever extend to the outside of Japan. They played their first overseas live in Hongkong. 2014 become their first step towards Asia. In 2015 they held tour in Hongkong, Taiwan, and Indonesia. And on the next year, they hold their first world tour visiting many country in Asia and two US location. They also active in Japan, Silent Sire often appear in big music festival in Japan such as ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL, SUMMER SONIC, and COUNTDOWN JAPAN.

For celebrating 5 years after first debut, they held a massive tour called 5th ANNIVERSARY SILENT SIREN LIVE TOUR 2017 『新世界』. The word in Japan means The New World. In this tour they visited Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, and US. They also visited many place in Japan during this Tour.

Silent Siren Member Profile

Suu Silent Siren Profile
Sumire Yoshida (吉田 菫)

Vocal & Guitar
Stage Name: Suu
Birthday: December 28, 1992
Birthplace: Fukushima
Height: 161 cm
Blood type: O
Ameba Blog: yoshida sumire
Line Blog: yoshidasumire

Sumire Yoshida (吉田 菫) is the youngest among all member. She become lead singer and guitar for this group. She often change her hairstyle, we can see from all Silent Siren's singles, her hairstyle always different in each single. She always dreaming to become a model since 3rd year of high school. And she has interest in music since she was in junior high school, at that time she influenced by her older sister. Then she buy a guitar and start practicing some chord, at that time she think play guitar is hard, even just 1 chord. She start play SCANDAL's song and some anisong like K-ON. In Silent Siren, Suu is the writer of almost all Silent Siren song. Her father also a fan of Silen Siren. Not only want to take a picture with Silent Siren members, but Suu's father want to get their sign, even from his own daughter. Suu's father often yells Teppen toru yo (reach the top) at live performance, and that shout is usually used to support idol, not a band.

Hinanchu Sient Siren profile
Hinako Umemura (梅村 妃奈子)

Stage Name: Hinanchu
Birthday: March 13, 1991
Birthplace: Tokyo
Height: 163 cm
Blood type: A
Line Bloghinakoumemura

Hinako Umemura (梅村 妃奈子) is the drummer and leader of Silent Siren. She is the most tomboy among the group. When she was a kid, she and her family move to Indonesia because of her father work. But, even she live in Indonesia for almost 10 years, she is not very fluent in speaking Indonesian, because she went to Jakarta Japanese School (JJS). She start move to Japan in high school. Before learn to use drum from her friend, she can play piano and violin. Besides Silent Siren, she become host for Japanese music show "Music Japan TV" in WakuWakuJapan, and she speak Indonesian in that show.

Ainyan Silent Siren Profile
Aina Yamauchi (山内 あいな)

Stage Name: Ainyan
Birthday: July 3, 1988
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Height: 156 cm
Blood type: A
Ameba Blog: aina73
Line Blogainayamauchi

Aina Yamauchi (山内 あいな) is the bassist of Silent Siren. Opposite with Hinanchu, Ainyan is the most feminine person in Silent Siren. Beside bass, her draw skill is best in the group, just like Mami from SCANDAL. She draw mascot of Silent Siren, also her drawing featured on many Silent Siren merchandise. She also has interest in photography, she upload more other member photo (taken by herself) then her own selfie. Among other member, Ainyan is the most active in Dokumo until now.

Yukarun SIlent Siren Profile
Yukako Kurosaka (黒坂 優香子)

Stage Name: Yukarun
Birthday: June 6, 1989
Birthplace: Saitama
Height: 151 cm
Blood type: B
Ameba Blog: yukakokurosaka
Line Blogyukakokurosaka

Yukako Kurosaka (黒坂 優香子) is the last person join Silent Siren, after Sogawa Ayana left the group in 2012. She play keyboard and directing fans to perform some movements in their live. She speak in higher tone when in live performance or when communicate with audience, to give cute impression. In early years since she join Silent Siren, she always perform with her twin-tail hairstyle, but now her hairstyle is not always twin-tail. She has very flexible body and she can do split. In Tokyo Idol Festival, she perform with an idol group PASSPO☆. With same dress as PASSPO☆ member, she looks like an idol.

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[2012.11.4] Start→

[2014.02.12] 31 Wonderland

[2015.02.25] Silent Siren "サイレントサイレン"

[2016.03.02] S

[2017.12.27] GIRLS POWER

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[2017.03.01] Silent Siren Selection

Silent Siren Network

Vevo Youtube Channel : SilentSirenVEVO
Official Youtube Channel : SILENT_SIREN
Facebook Page : SILENT SIREN
Official Twitter: @staffsaisai
Official Instagram : silentsiren_official
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Official Website : silent-siren.com