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[SCANDAL] Best ★ Scandal

Artist : SCANDAL
Released Date : October 21, 2009

scandal 1st album
Cover of Best ★ Scandal Regular Edition
Best ★ Scandal is the debut studio album from all-female Japanese pop-rock band SCANDAL. It was released in three versions with different covers: the regular CD only version, a limited version that consists of CD with DVD, and a collector's edition consist of a CD and a coffee table book (photobook). SCANDAL BY SCANDAL is a 284-page coffee table book that features photos of the band members taken by the band members themselves. The album reached number 5 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for 21 weeks. This making them the first girl band since Zone to have a debut album chart in the top five. One of the song, Doll, is their major single debut released in October, 2008 under Epic Records Japan.

With this album, Scandal embarked on their Scandal First Live: Best Scandal tour in 2009. And by end of that year, SCANDAL become runner up of Best New Artist Award at the 51st Japan Record Award, lost to famous Korean boyband BIG BANG.

SCANDAL awards
SCANDAL at 51st Japan Record Award, as a runner up of Best New Artist

Tracklist (click to see lyrics and translation)

2. Shoujo S (少女S; Girls)
4. Koi Moyou (恋模様; Love Pattern)
5. Yumemiru Tsubasa (夢見るつばさ; Dreaming of Wings)
6. Anata ga Mawaru (アナタガマワル; You Are Spinning)
7. Space Ranger (スペースレンジャー)
8. Ring! Ring! Ring!
9. Maboroshi Night (マボロシナイト; Phantom Night)
10. Kimi to Yoru to Namida (キミと夜と涙; You, Night, and Tears)
11. Hitotsu Dake (ひとつだけ; Only One)
12. SAKURA Goodbye (SAKURAグッバイ; Cherry Blossom Goodbye)
13. Kagerou -album mix- (カゲロウ; Mayfly)

DVD Limited Edition

1. Space Ranger (スペースレンジャー) (MUSIC VIDEO)
2. Koi Moyou (恋模様) (MUSIC VIDEO)
5. Shoujo S (少女S) (MUSIC VIDEO)
7. Yumemiru Tsubasa (夢見るつばさ) (MUSIC VIDEO)
8. S.L. Magic (Pre-debut America-France-Hong Kong video)
9. Koi no Kajitsu (恋の果実; Love Fruit) (Pre-debut America-France-Hong Kong Video)
10. Shoujo S (少女S) (MUSIC VIDEO Making)
11. Yumemiru Tsubasa (夢見るつばさ) (MUSIC VIDEO Making)