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[Kyary Pamyu Pamyu] Nanda Collection

Artist : Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Released Date : June 26, 2013

Nanda Collection (なんだこれくしょん) is the second full studio album by Japanese snger Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. This album name come from combination of Japanese words nanda kore (なんだこれ, meaning What's this?) and broken English of collection : korekushon (これくしょん). So this album name will be translated into "What's this Collection?".

KPP 2nd album
Nanda Collection Regular Edition (CD Only)

The album debuted at number one in Japan and performed strongly around the globe. In the United States, the album debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Top World Albums chart, the chart that tracks the best-selling world music albums in the US. In Taiwan, the album debuted in the Top 10 of the G-Music J-Pop Albums Chart. Upon its release internationally, the album topped the iTunes charts of several countries and within the Top 10 and Top 20 of numerous others. The album was released in two editions: a regular edition and a limited edition which comes with a bonus DVD containing the music videos for the lead singles.

KPP Second album
Nanda Collection Limited Edition (CD+DVD+Photobook)

CD Tracklist (Click to see lyrics and translation)

1. Nanda Collection (なんだこれくしょん; What's This Collection)
2. Ninja Re Bang Bang (にんじゃりばんばん)
3. Kimi ni 100 Percent (キミに100パーセント; 100% For You)
4. Super Scooter Happy
5. Invader Invader (インベーダーインベーダー)
6. Mi (み; Me)
7. Fashion Monster (ファッションモンスター)
8. Saigo no Ice Cream (さいごのアイスクリーム; The Last Ice Cream)
9. Noriko to Norio (のりことのりお; Noriko and Norio)
10. Furisodeshon (ふりそでーしょん; Furisodation)
11. Kura Kura (くらくら; Dizzy)
12. Otona na Kodomo (おとななこども; Grown-up Child)

DVD Tracklist

1. Fashion Monster Music Video
2. Furisodeshon Music Video
3. Ninjari Bang Bang Music Video
4. Invader Invader Music Video

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