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Artist : LiSA
Released Date : November 30, 2013


Second full studio album of Japanese singer Risa Oribe, or known as LiSA. The album reached #2 on the weekly Oricon chart. LANDSPACE continued to rank on the weekly chart for a total of eight weeks. Enjoyable pop-rock arrangements dominate this album. LANDSPACE is an album that showcases LiSA’s diverse talents as a vocalist and songwriter, but also establishing her own style as a vocalist.  Whereas most female vocalist on the Anisong circle tend to be vocalist known for their cuteness and sweet vocals.  But LiSA’s presence have shown a young woman with style, beautiful vocals and the ability to take on various musical styles, may it be happy, upbeat rock music or even something more darker. Here is one song of the album, Crossing Field.

This album released in two format. Regular edition with CD, Limited edition with CD+DVD+Blue-ray. Limited Edition bonus contains music videos, MV making movie, and some CM SPOT. Also limited edition has special photobook on it.

LiSA 2nd album
LANDSPACE Regular Edition (CD Only)

CD Tracklist (Click to see Lyrics and Translation)

1. Canvas boy×Palette girl

2. Cosmic Jet Coaster (コズミックジェットコースター)
5. Boku no Kotoba de (僕の言葉で; With My Words)
6. best day, best way
7. Hitori Waratte (ヒトリワラッテ; Smile Alone)
8. say my name no Kataomoi (say my nameの片想い; Unrequited Love of say my name)
9. Usotsuki no Namida (うそつきの涙; Tears of Liar)
10. Gyakkou Orchestra (逆光オーケストラ; Backlight Orchestra)
12. winding road

LiSA 2nd album tracklist
LANDSPACE Limited Edition (CD+DVD+Blue-ray)

DVD+Blue-ray Tracklist

2. oath sign Music Clip Making Movie
3. oath sign Music Clip
4. oath sign CM SPOT
5. crossing field Music Clip Making Movie
6. crossing field Music Clip
7. crossing field CM SPOT
8. best day, best way Music Clip Making Movie
9. best day, best way Music Clip
10. best day, best way CM SPOT
11. träumerei Music Clip Making Movie
12. träumerei Music Clip
13. träumerei CM SPOT

Japanese One Stop Lyrics - LiSA second album LANDSPACE Preview