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[Perfume] JPN

Artist : Perfume
Released Date : November 30, 2011

Perfume JPN review

JPN is the third studio album by Japanese girl group Perfume, released by Tokuma Japan Communications, nearly two and a half years after their second studio album Triangle. The album includes all of the their past four singles: Fushizen na Girl/Natural ni Koishite, Voice, Nee, and Laser Beam/Kasuka na Kaori. It also includes the singles' corresponding B-side songs. The only song out of all the singles that did not make it to this album was Fake it from the single Nee.

Perfume 3rd album
JPN Regular Version (CD Only)

JPN released in two different versions; as a CD-only version and in a limited edition CD+DVD featuring promotional videos and commercial spots. The album debuted at number 1 in the Oricon Weekly Albums Chart with 227,000 copies sold on its first week of release, their highest debut week sales than their previous albums in their career to date. This also made them the second female Japanese group to achieve three consecutive number one albums, a feat first achieved twelve years ago by veteran pop group SPEED. The album sold a total of 268,000 after two weeks of release, making it the 24th best-selling album of 2011.

Perfume third album
JPN Limited Version (CD+DVD)

CD Tracklist (Click to see Lyrics and Translation)

1. The Opening
2. Laser Beam (Album-mix) (レーザービーム(Album-mix))
3. GLITTER (Album-mix)
4. Natural ni Koishite (ナチュラルに恋して; Fall in Love Naturally)
6. Toki no Hari (時の針; Needle of Time)
7. Nee (ねぇ; Hey)
8. Kasuka na Kaori (微かなカオリ; Faint Scent)
9. 575
11. Kokoro no Sports (心のスポーツ; Heart's Sports)
12. Have a Stroll
13. Fushizen na Girl (不自然なガール; Artificial Girl)
14. Spice (スパイス)

DVD Tracklist

1. Spice Music Video
2. Natural ni Koishite Music Video
3. Laser Beam Music Video Full Version
4. Kasuka na Kaori Music Video
5. Kasuka na Kaori Music Video TV Edit
6. Fushizen na Girl / Natural ni Koishite -TV Spot-
7. VOICE -TV Spot-
8. Nee -TV Spot-
9. Laser Beam -TV Spot-
10. Spice -TV Spot-

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