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[LiSA] Launcher

Artist : LiSA
Released Date : March 4, 2015

LiSA Album Review

Third studio from LiSA, with hits from previous singles Rising Hope, Bright Flight/L.Miranic, and シルシ (Shirushi) featured on it. In this album, LiSA become more lady-rocker than before. Slowly turn from Anisong image to sweet rock-singer image. Probably the best song from this album are Rising Hope and L.Miranic. But this album has slow-sadly song like Shirushi, which completely different with rest of other LiSA's songs.

It was released in three versions: a Limited Edition (CD+Blu-ray), a Limited Edition (CD+DVD), and a Regular Edition (CD Only). Both limited editions came with a sleeve case and 48p booklet. DVD and Blue-ray has same tracklist, one music video and her live preformance from LiVE is Smile Always~LiSAMMERLAND.

LiSA 3rd Album
Launcher Regular Edition (CD Only)

CD Tracklist (Click to See Lyrics and Translation)

1. Mr.Launcher
3. rapid life Syndrome (rapid life シンドローム)
4. Mitsu (蜜; Honeydew)
5. Akogare Bouenkyou (アコガレ望遠鏡; Desired Telescope)
7. L.Miranic
10. Bad Sweet Trap
11. Electrilyrical (エレクトリリカル)
12. Kimi ni Piero (君にピエロ; You Clown)
13. No More Time Machine
14. Shirushi (シルシ; Sign)

LiSA third album
Launcher Limited Edition (CD+DVD/Blu-ray)

DVD/Blu-Ray Tracklist

1. Performance from "LiVE is Smile Always~LiSAMMERLAND" (19 songs)
2. No More Time Machine -MUSIC CLIP-

Japanese One Stop Lyrics - LiSA third album Launcher Preview