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[BAND-MAID] Brand New Maid

Artist : BAND-MAID
Released Date : May 18, 2016

Brand New Maid is 3rd mini-album also major debut of BAND-MAID. Start from this mini-album they dropped "®" from their name. The music videos of the non-fiction daysBefore Yesterday and alone from this album are available on their official YouTube account.

There are 2 type from this mini-album. Type A album has CD with 8 songs and DVD with 3 music videos (the non-fiction days, ORDER, and alone). Type B has CD with 9 songs (same 8 songs with Type A plus REAL EXISTENCE [Live Ver.]). Type A and Type B has different cover album.

For a limited time Type A comes with special bonus "BAND-MAID guitar pick", and Type B comes with special bonus "BAND-MAID Poster".

Tracklist :
4. Brand-New Road
8. alone
9. REAL EXISTENCE(Live Ver.) [Type B only]