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Artist : LiSA
Released Date : February 02, 2012

First full studio album by LiSA, LOVER"S"MiLE. This album contains her hits song from previous single, Oath Sign ( also an acoustic version of this song). All other song are brand new. The album reached #7 on Oricon charts, and charted for 6 weeks, selling 21,131 copies.

This album released in three format. Regular edition with CD, Limited edition with CD and DVD, and Limited edition with CD and Blue-ray. DVD and Blue-ray limited edition tracklist are the same, contains two music video (Believe in Myself and Mousou Controller) and .and several live performances. All the songs shown on the Blue-ray and DVD were originally found in her debut mini-album Letters to U.

LiSA 1st album
LOVER"S"MiLE Regular Edition (CD only)

CD Tracklist (Click to see lyrics and translation)

1. Yasashisa ni Tadoritsuku Made (優しさに辿りつくまで; Until Tenderness Comes)
3. now and future
6. Hana to Mitsubachi (花とミツバチ; Flower and Honeybee)
7. ROCK-mode
8. Waratte Hoshikute (笑ってほしくて; I Want Laughter)
9. Unfill (アンフィル)
11. Jet Rocket (ジェットロケット)
13. Owari no Nai Uta (終わりのない歌; Neverending Song)
14. oath sign (Acoustic Ver.)

LiSA 1st albm tracklist
LOVER"S"MiLE Limited Edition (CD+DVD/Blue-ray)

Blue-ray/DVD Tracklist

1. Believe in myself (music clip)
2. Mirai Kaze 2011.5.27@O-EAST (ミライカゼ; Tomorrows Wind)
3. Eien 2011.5.27@O-EAST (永遠; Eternity)
4. Escape Game 2011.5.27@O-EAST (エスケープゲーム)
5. Kakuseiya 2011.5.27@O-EAST (覚醒屋; Awakening Room)
6. Mousou Controller (妄想コントローラー) (music clip)
7. Mushoku Toumei 2011.5.27@O-EAST (無色透明; Colorless and Transparent)

Japanese One Stop Lyrics - LiSA first album LOVER"S"MiLE Preview